Measurement Solutions for Shock Wave
and Fluid Motion Experiments
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Explosive Testing
Dr. Müller Instruments
Dr. Müller Instruments is a company for state of the art measurement technologies, specialized on sensors for pressure, temperature and fluid motion. With its unique sensors for high frequency measurements with rise times of only a few nano seconds Müller is the choice for shock and blast wave experiments. Pressure sensitive films, shapeable thermocouples with respond times in the range of a few micro seconds, thin film gauges and hot wire anemometers together with the periphery devices complete the product instrument portfolio.

Product Program

imageTensile and Compressive Force Measurement
Tiedemann ring-dynamometers, manufactured for more than 60 years, offers high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements for tensile and compressive forces. The measurement range of the ring dynamometers go from 50 N to 200 kN. We offer universal dynamometers for tensile and compressive forces, only for one direction, calibrated with table or drawn scale.
imagePressure Measurement in Liquids
We offer two piezoelectric sensors. First the Müller-Platte Needle Probe, “Gold Standard” for water shock wave measurements since 20 years. With its rise time of 50 ns it is the solution to detect shock waves in kidney stone lithotripters. Second we provide the M60-1L and M60-3L, a flat probe with 1 or 3 mm sensitive element.
imagePressure Measurement in Gas
With the micro sensor type M60 we offer fast sensors for pressure measurements in gaseous media. The type M60-3 is the ideal choice for shock tube experiments. Model M60-1 with rise times of about 40 ns is the right choice for blast wave measurements.
imageMeasurement of Pressure Distribution with Fuji Prescale Film
With these pressure sensitive films you can visualize the pressure distribution easily. They can be used for unlimited purposes from static measurement of the right position of a cylinder head gasket to dynamic pressure fields in water like in kidney stone lithotripters.
imageTemperature and Heat Flux Measurements
We offer again two unique solutions for this. One is the robust Thermocouple with respond times of only a few micro seconds, which can be mount seamless into the model surface. Our Nickel-Thin-Film Thermometer is highly sensitive with a short respond time as well and easy to connect via embedded wiring.
imageFluid Motion Measurement
We offer a wide range of hot wire anemometers for 1 to 3-dimensional aerodynamic measurements. Our speciality is to build very small hot wire sensors. We are proud to have realized all sensors following your individual requirements. Further we provide different probe supports on your desire. The hot wire probes can be connected to our thermal anemometry systems with one to multi channel options.
imageExplosive Testings
Together with our partner OZM we provide special instruments for testing of energetic materials. The manufactured instruments cover testing of stability and compatibility, sensitivity and explosive performance of energetics in various testing programs including detonation chambers.
imagePeripheral Devices
For all our pressure and temperature sensors we provide high frequency amplifiers. The pressure sensors can be connected to a charge amplifier with 10 MHz bandwidth to drive very long cables up to 150 m. For the heat flux and thin film sensors we offer an amplifier with 1 MHz bandwidth and sensor power supply. As an reasonable alternative for our thermocouples or hydrophones for application in ultrasound we provide the new voltage amplifier MVA 10 with 1 or 10 MHz bandwidth.
For recording the fast signals we provide a portfolio of transient recorders.
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