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and Fluid Motion Experiments
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Explosive Testing
Dr. Müller Instruments – the Company

Mueller Instruments (formerly Müller Ingenieurtechnik) was founded in 1997 as an independent company by Dr. Michael Mueller after 12 years of licensing business.

Today, the company presents itself as a specialist in short-term and flow measurement technology.
Our sensors for pressure and temperature and their associated amplifiers operate at frequencies between 1 Hz to 15 MHz. Thus, these products are unique for use in the field of shock waves and explosions as well as for measurements in hypersonic flows.
For aerodynamic flow tests below 1.1 Ma we produce a wide range of hot-wire anemometers for fluid motion research.

Together with several international partners we can significantly complete our product portfolio by distributing their products.
The amplifiers of our partner A.A. LabSystem, Israel opened the way to supplement our own hot wire probes with various bridge amplifiers to a complete flow measurement systems.

The semi-quantitative pressure sensitive film called FujiFilm Prescale opens up unlimited applications in the field of pressure measurements. These films can quickly generate results in virtually all technical, and even many medical issues. They react in steady state applications as well as in shock wave measurements.

The recent partnership with the czech company OZM Research provides latest products of explosive testing in the german speaking countries. We can therefore offer virtually all products that are standard for the investigation of explosives. These investigation methods range from stability, sensitivity and efficacy tests or detonation chambers to various storage systems.

Finally, we offer the right transient recorders for all of the above high-frequency measurements for our partner AMO in Aachen.

Today we are shipping our products world wide. We have partners in the main countries and we are always looking for new partnerships for distribution.
Dr. Müller Instruments
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