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and Fluid Motion Experiments
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Thermal Anemometry for 1, 2 or 3-Dimensional Air Flows

These special miniature Hot Wire Probes were developed for the University of Aachen for fluid motion experiments in aerodynamics like on turbines and aircraft engines as well as on wing models or cars etc. in wind tunnel experiments. The small size and sensing diameters of these probes open the possibility of doing measurements in the smallest spaces. So boundary layer measurements could be done between the compressor wall and the fan using our anemometer with the contact switch off. Due to these extraordinary features the probes have been used e.g. for more than 10 years now.


We offer hot wire probes for nearly all possible applications, for 1-D, 2-D or even 3-Dimensional flow velocity measurements. All probes are available in a straight version or with an angle of 90°. Additionally in cases of 3-D probes we offer for your special applications all angles between 0° and 90°. Furthermore you have a choice of three different head types (A, B, C s. figure) from 6 mm to 2 mm sensing diameters. If this portfolio does not meet your expectations we are open to develop any probe design you want.
For application and calibrating the selected probe has to be connected to a power source for constant voltage or constant temperature and a bridge amplifier. These amplifiers you can get e.g. from Müller Instruments or from companies like Dantec.
In case a wire gets broken, please ask for our repair services.


Technical Data
Wire diameter:5 µm or 9 µm
Wire Temperature:Max. 350°C
Flow velocity:0.2-300 m/s, shortly up to M= 1.1
Sensor tip resistance:About 0.3 Ohm each
Sensor wire resistance:2 to 5 Ohm depending on length and diameter
Temperature coefficient:About α = 0.0039 1/K
Frequency limit:100 kHz or higher depending on type
Diameter of probe head:2.0 and 6.0 mm
Measurement axis:1-D, 2-D and 3-Dimensional
Probe tip:Types A, B, C s. figure for 3-D-Probes
Head angle:0°, 90° and eligible for 3-D
Size:Standard length 82 mm
Material:Stainless steel housing
Temperature range:Max. 120°C
Specials:Contact switch off for 2-D boundary layer probe.
Housing Diameter:L1 = 4 mm diameter, L2 = 2.5 and 3 mm diameter
Length L1:Standard 50 eligible min. 35 mm
Length L2:Standard 16 mm, max. 100 mm
Anemometer connection: Hot wire anemometer of e.g. Dantec, TSI or others
Probe support:One standard support for all probes made from stainless steel with connecting cables, BNC pos. plug, Length: 150 - 500 mm eligible, d= 6 mm
Extent of supply:Hot Wire Probe in protected case
Besides the regular types we can supply you with almost any design to meet your special applications. Simply send a drawing with your required measurements and we will send you a quotation as soon as possible.
Ordering information
Article-No.:Dimensions / Diam. Head / Angle / Head Type, Extras / Complete Sensing Area
100-400-0:Hot Wire Probe Support 1-D, d = 6 mm and Length = 150 - 500 mm eligible
100-400-1:Hot Wire Probe Support 2-D, d = 6 mm and Length = 150 - 500 mm eligible
100-400-2:Hot Wire Universal Probe Support 1-D to 3-D, d = 6 mm and Length = 150 - 500 mm
100-400-3:Short Circuit Probe
100-401-0:Wire Repair Service 1-D
100-401-1:1-D, 2 mm, 0°, Wire length 2 mm, Standard*
100-401-2:1-D, 2 mm, 90°, Wire length 2 mm, Standard*
100-402-0:Wire Repair Service 2-D
100-402-1:2-D, 2 mm, 0°, contact switch off, Standard*
100-402-2:2-D, 2 mm, 90°, contact switch off, Standard*
100-403-0:Wire Repair Service 3-D
100-403-2:3-D, 6 mm, 90°, A, Standard*
100-403-3:3-D, 2 mm, 0°, B, Standard*
100-403-4:3-D, 2 mm, 90°, B, Standard*
100-403-5:3-D, 2 mm, eligible, B, Standard*
100-403-6:3-D, 2 mm, 0°, C, Standard*
100-403-7:3-D, 2 mm, 90°, C, Standard*
100-403-8:3-D, 2 mm, eligible, C, Standard*
* Standard Size: L1 = 50 mm, d1 = 4 mm; L2 = 16 mm, d2 = 2.5 and 3 mm.
If you would like to have different lengths for special application, please give your desired lengths with your order. Lengths can be chosen: L1 minimum 35 mm, L2 16 - 100 mm.

2-D Hot Wire Probe
1D-3D Universal Probe Connector-Support
3D Probe Plug
Individual 3-D Hot Wire Anemometer with wall mount
(by courtesy of R. Emmerich, MS., Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbine Engines, University Aachen, Germany)
2-D boundary layer probe with contact switch off and 2-D, 0° probe
Short Circuit Probe

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Experimental Investigation of Three-Dimensional Unsteady Flow Downstream the Rotor in a 1-1/2 Stage Turbine
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