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Thermocouple with Increased Sensitivity MTIS
Coaxial Thermocouple Type TIS with highest sensitivity

Characteristic for this new thermocouple technique is its superior sensitivity of about 180 µV/K compared to standard thermocouples. This leads e.g. to a threefold higher sensitivity than for the typical type E probe. Due to this unique feature we have named this type TIS, thermocouple with increased sensitivity.
The thermocouple is a standard setup consisting of an outer sheath of 4 mm diameter and 150 mm length with a ceramic plug at its end. Other plugs are possible if required. The sensitive area is the tip of this bar.
Thermocouple with increased sensitivity MTIS 40

This high sensitivity of this thermal element results in a superior signal-to-noise ratio which allows to reduce costs for amplifiers or to precisely measure small temperature changes in a wide range of temperatures. The maximum working temperature of the thermocouple amounts to 1000 °C.

The MTIS is designed for steady state measurements. It is suitable for outstanding measurements of marginal high temperature changes e.g. in production processes of food or chemical industries.

Other thermocouples with higher working temperatures are available on request, as well as special customer requirements as usual.

Technical Data
Type of thermocouple:Type TIS (named by Müller Instruments, not following IEC-584 T1)
Material:Chromel - Constantan, coaxial
Sensitive tip isolated and welded closed
Cover tube from stainless steel, 1.4301
Temperature range:-200 bis 1000 °C
Diameter:4.00 mm
Length:150 mm
Sensitivity:180 µV/K
Calibration:By University
Connector:Ceramic mini plug
Ordering information
Article-No. 100-003-1:MTIS 40

Image of MTIS 40
Comparison of Sensitivity
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