Measurement Solutions for Shock Wave
and Fluid Motion Experiments
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Explosive Testing
Ring Dynamometers
Measurement of Tensile and Compressive Forces

Tiedemann dynamometers, manufactured for more than 60 years, offers high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements for tensile and compressive forces. The measurement range of the ring dynamometers go from 50 N to 200 kN.

Universal Dynamometer with standard
scale, max. 2 kN

Typical Applications

– Drag resistance of trailers, boats, gliders etc.
– In mechanical engineering, R&D, manufacturing
– Measurements in test stands for brakes
– Evaluations in medical technology
– Cable tension on overhead wires for trains

Advantages of Dynamometers
– Precise (error < 0,25% FS)
– Light and small
– Minimal lengthening (max. 1,5 mm)
– Robust (indicator protected by ring)
– Switchable maximum load indicator
– Digital Dynamometer offers direct indication of force values in N or kN
– Powersupply of digital version by battery or USB cable connection
– No amplifier or mains necessary
– Reliable
– Individual configurations on request

Universal Dynamometer, 50 kN
Tension Dynamometer with drawn scale and rubber protection
Universal Dynamometer with screw bolts
Digital Dynamometer

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