Measurement Solutions for Shock Wave
and Fluid Motion Experiments
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Explosive Testing
SATURN Transient Recorder - Application

Transient recorder with this high speed data handling in combination with optical transmission via digital fibers build a unique instrument with outstanding quality.
Wide-banded analog signal conditioning along with fast sample rates enable acquisition to the highest standards.
Our continuously expanding range of products covers all typical applications from mobile data recording with a few channels, to extensive installations of multiple high-speed channels.
This performance is ideal for our customer segment in the field of

Medical/Military and Aerospace Applications

· Ballistic research
· Hypersonic wind channel test
· Shock wave research
· Aerodynamics
· Turbo machine tests
· Propulsion systems
· Pyrotechnic research
· Vibration and modal analysis
· Satellite testing
· Material reasearch
· strain gauge recording
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