Measurement Solutions for Shock Wave
and Fluid Motion Experiments
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Explosive Testing
Explosive Testing
SATURN Transient Recorder - Chassis

Flat Saturn

The Flat Saturn is the most compact version offering offering 16 (BNC) or 48 (BNC) channels or up to 24 optically galvanic isolated channels, so called satellites. The small size and rugged design makes an ideal portable measurement system.
Saturn Desktop

The small and space saving desktop housing offers 6 free slots with a maximum capacity of 96 channels (Basic 120). Large enough for most applications and small enough to fit on every laboratory desk.
Saturn Rack

The Saturn Rack is a full industrial 19" housing either for rack mounting or as stand alone. The unit can host up to 240 channels without compromising any specification
Saturn Portable

The Saturn Portable is a compact and fully integrated version including a TFT touch screen and keyboard. It comes with 4 free slots for up to 64 channels
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