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Sensors for pressure, temperature measurement with unique short rise times Pressure, temperature and UV light indicating films for surface measurements Systems for force and flow measurement as  
2. Müller-Platte Needle Probe  
Piezoelectric PVDF Hydrophone for High Frequency Ultrasound- and Shock Wave Measurements in Liquids Typical Applications The Müller-Platte Needle Probe was invented at the University of Aachen 1985  
3. Service for Measuring Films  
Around the pressure measuring films Prescale, but also for two other films for measuring heat flow and UV light irradiation, we have a variety of services that provide significant support for our cus  
4. Measurement Range and Choice of Film  
There are eight types of films with their specific ranges available to cover the measurement range of 0.006 to 300 MPa. The latest type "Extreme Low" covers the range from 0.06 to 0.5 bars. All sli  
5. Laser Hydrophone  
Application This is a robust, large-bandwidth membrane-free hydrophone. Designed for ultrasound sensing in the mPa to MPa regime. It is particularly suited to the characterization required for medic  
6. Laser Hydrophone  
7. Pressure Sensor M  
Drawing, Application, Comparison Technical Data Range: -20 to 400 bar (-2 to 40 MPa) Rise time: 40 – 100 ns Bandwidth: Up to 15 MHz Sensitivity: M60-3: about 0.5 pC/MPa M60-1L-M3: about 0.04 pC/  
8. Pressure Sensor M  
The transducer can be delivered in nearly any shape. If you wish a special design, cable length or connector please send us a drawing and request a quotation.  
9. CALTEST Calibration- and Analysis System  
Table Film Types Film Type Name Pressure Range Compression Device Tiedemann Dynamometer Calibration Plunger Cutting Device Punching Device 5LW Ultra Extreme Low 0,006 - 0,05 MPa BELV 10kN-dig KV0.5 S  
10. CALTEST Calibration- and Analysis System  
Find the Right Combination of Tools A basic configuration for surface compressions up to 50 MPa is the Compression Device BELV. Further, you choose the right Tiedemann dynamometer, the KV Calibratio  
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