Dr. Müller Instruments – the Company

Dr. Müller Instruments GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1997 as Dr. Müller Ingenieurtechnik by Dr.-Ing. Michael Müller as an independent company after approximately 12 years of licensing business.

Today the company presents itself as a specialist for short-term measuring technology. Our own sensors for pressure and temperature measurement as well as the associated amplifiers operate in the frequency range between 1 Hz and 15 MHz. As a result, these products are unique for application in the field of shock and explosion waves, but can equally well be used for standard applications.

Through the addition of various partners, the range has been significantly expanded in recent years. In the field of pressure measurement technology, the distribution of the pressure measurement foils, either as a disposable product or electronically, opens up unlimited fields of application. With these pressure-sensitive films, results can be achieved quickly in almost all technical and many medical questions. The quantification of the disposable films is possible with the new analysis program CALTEST from Tiedemann. From Tiedemann we also get the force measuring devices.
Recently, films for measuring the temperature and UV light distribution have been added.

The partnership with the Czech company OZM Research brings together state-of-the-art products for explosive measurement in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.. We can therefore offer you almost all products that are standard for the investigation of explosives. This includes investigation methods from stability, sensitivity and effectiveness tests via detonation chambers to different storage systems.

Finally, we offer high-frequency transient recorders from our partner AMO from Aachen for all the above measurement.