Müller Charge Amplifier-System MCPA 10

For In- and Outdoor Experiments with Piezoelectric Sensors Bandwidth 100 Hz to 10 MHz

Typical Applications
This unique amplifier was designed for shock and blast wave measurements as well as for amplification of any dynamic pressure changes. With its broad bandwidth from 100 Hz to 10 MHz it can exactly reproduce any pressure waves in shock tubes as well as in the field.

The system comes with two independent devices, the “Charge Driver” and the “Power Supply & Amplifier”. The “Charge Driver” can drive long extension cables up to 150 m and is positioned close to the sensor. The Amplifier is connected directly to the recorder, needs an external 12 V power (incl.) and supplies the “Charge Driver”. It is adjustable with a x1 or x10 amplification. The system is designed water protected for outdoor experiments.

This amplifier is ideal for high frequent piezoelectric sensors like our Müller-Platte Needle Probe or the pressure transducers M60 as well as for all other piezoelectric sensors.


Charge driver (CD):

Drives long cable extensions up to 150 m

CD input:

+/- 4 V max., 12 pF, 5 x 109 Ohm

CD connection:

Input and output BNC neg., water protected; housing aluminium


-3db, 100 Hz to 10 MHz for short cable up to 5 m 10 MHz bandwidth decreases with cable length: 4 MHz at 50 m, 1 MHz at 150 m


x1 or x10

Amplifier housing:


Amplifier power supply:

12 V DC, 60 mA via included charger

Amplifier connections:

Extension cable input BNC neg., recorder output BNC pos.

Article No.: 200-302-1
Müller Charge Amplifier MCPA 10, water protected