Ultraviolet Light Amount Distribution Measurement Film

With the new Fuji film UVSCALE Dr. Müller Instruments expands his product range to another measuring film that can measure the amount of UV light depending on the source in the range of 4 – 100.000 mJ/cm² in a wave length range from 200 to 420 nm.

For 20 years Dr. Müller Instruments supplies Fujifilm Prescale, the pressure measuring film to determine the surface pressure. It is today used in all sectors of industry.

The UV-light measuring film can be equally prepared as the heat flux film Thermoscale or pressure measuring film Prescale. Cut by scissors it is placed on the body to be tested. Within the film are microcapsules and color developer which react to exposure to and stain the slide. The intensity of the colour is proportional to the amount of UV light.