SATURN Transient Recorder

SATURN – The new Generation of Transient Recorders

The Saturn Transient Recorder product line sets a new standard in data acquisition. The scalable and versatile system is built for a large variety of applications. It is designed for highly synchronous measurements with optimum precision at high speed.

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Technical Data

  • Up to 240 high speed channels
  • Industry standard cPCI architecture and powerful slot PC
  • User friendly Saturn Studio Software
  • Scalable up to large quantities of channels and memory
  • Full galvanic isolation through digital fiber transmission
  • Reconfigurable hardware, adaptable for special applications and easy updates


The Saturn Data Management carrier boards are designed in 6U cPCI format, equipped with reconfigurable logic and a large data memory. Each board can carry two different modules, either Basic 120, Fast 150, Event Marker or Analog Output. All the functions can be realised also in a galvanic isolation version via a digital fiber transmission module and battery powered "satellite" housings for the modules.

The Fast 150 series are the high data acquisition modules. They offer real differential 100MS/s at 14 bit definition in one channel model. They can be configured to 50MS/s in two and 25MS/s in 4 channel operation. The bandwidth is adapted automatically. The frontend amplifiers are always differential and are available with 6 input ranges, switchable input impedance (50 Ohm / 1 MOhm like AC/DC).

Furthermore the frontend amplifiers are available with a enhanced signal to noise ratio and a bit enhancement through intelligent over sampling. The data trigger and TTL trigger input is possible for each module separately.


Galvanic Isolation for measurements in the case of floating potential can be realised safely with our fiber option, available for Basic 120, Fast 150, Event Marker, Analog Output. A digital transmission module connecting a data management board with a battery power "satellite" housing realises the galvanic isolation and bridge over of km long distances. Perfectly synchronised acquisition is guaranteed even in the case of mixed fiber lengths and in combination with normal modules. The intelligent control of the battery "power packs" ensures maximum operation time and permanent control.

Ditigal Fiber Probes

In applications with a floating potential, a galvanic isolation of the data acquisition front end and the transient recorder unit is needed. The Saturn Transient Recorder can be equipped with digital fiber transmission modules that enable a km long separation between the test object and the data storage system.

Typical applications are high power or high voltage testing of circuit breakers, transformers or in ballistic experiments where long distances have to be spanned.

The perfect shielding of the battery powered "satellites" enables a secure recording of transient signals even in strong electrical and magnetic fields.

The fiber transmission enables a distance of up to 15 km without compromising synchronous recording between any channel or speed.


Transient recorder with this high speed data handling in combination with optical transmission via digital fibers build a unique instrument with outstanding quality. Wide-banded analog signal conditioning along with fast sample rates enable acquisition to the highest standards.

Our continuously expanding range of products covers all typical applications from mobile data recording with a few channels, to extensive installations of multiple high-speed channels. This performance is ideal for our customer segment in the field of Medical/Military and Aerospace Applications

  • Ballistic research
  • Hypersonic wind channel test
  • Shock wave research
  • Aerodynamics
  • Turbo machine tests
  • Propulsion systems
  • Pyrotechnic research
  • Vibration and modal analysis
  • Satellite testing
  • Material reasearch
  • Strain gauge recording