Over the years a collection of different applications has been build up. Whether seating or footprints, door seals, tire profile measurements or wafer polishing, pressing or rolling, laminating press tests. Other applications can be found in foot sole (sensor F) of seat belts in a crash tests with a high frame rate of 65 KHz, for presses, brakes, adjustment of saddles or spray jets.

As a special solution we offer a product for grip strength test, which finds its main application in the medical field.

Tactilus Applications

Below we have compiled some examples out of this portfolio:

  • Automotive Kit [more]
  • Brake Sensor [more]
  • Door seal test [more]
  • Foot print [more]
  • Foot Insoles Sensors [more]
  • Gripping Force tube [more]
  • Impact Measurement [more]
  • Mattrass [more]
  • Saddle fitting [more]
  • Spray pressure [more]
  • Wafer Polishing [more]
  • General Sensor Specifications [more]

Tactilus will be delivered “ready to go” with all necessary parts. It includes the sensor mat, the connection HUB, all necessary cables, the analysis software and a notebook.

Link to Tactilus-Producer Sensorprod