At the following you find the brochures of our product lines and data sheets as downloads (PDF):

Brochures, flyer and manuals

Pressure Measurement
Brochure Mueller-Platte Needle Probe [PDF, 285 KB]
Brochure Mueller Pressure Sensor M [PDF, 304 KB]
Brochure Optical Hydrophone [PDF, 178 KB]

Pressure Evaluation FUJIFILM PRESCALE
Brochure FujiFilm Prescale Films [PDF, 1796 KB]
Flyer Tiedemann Computerized analysis [PDF, 870 KB]

Data Sheet HHS [PDF, 567 KB]
Data Sheet HS [PDF, 1121 KB]
Data Sheet MS [PDF, 1124 KB]
Data Sheet MW [PDF, 1160 KB]
Data Sheet LW [PDF, 1160 KB]
Data Sheet LLW [PDF, 1166 KB]
Data Sheet LLLW [PDF, 998 KB]
Data Sheet LLLLW [PDF, 1213 KB]]

Electronic Pressure Films
Brochure Tactilus Electronic Pressure Pad [PDF, 478 kB]
Tactilus - High Performance Footplate [PDF, 782 KB]
Tactilus - Spray [PDF, 328 KB]
Tactilus - V-Series [PDF, 588 KB]
Tactilus - T Sensor [PDF, 861 KB]
Tactilus - H-Series Group A [PDF, 698 kB]
Tactilus - Mattress Sensor Systems [PDF, 236 KB]
Tactilus - Saddle S  [PDF, 731 KB]

Temperature Sensors
Brochure Heat Flux Thermocouple MCT [PDF,616 KB]
Example: Heat Flux Detection at a Model of Space Shuttle Hermes [PDF, 157 KB]
Brochure Müller Temperature Sensor MT [PDF, 1841 KB]
Example: Müller Temperature Sensor MT [PDF, 427 KB]
Example: Müller Double Head Heat Flow Sensor [PDF, 467 KB]
Brochure Heat Flux Calculator – HFC [PDF, 752 KB]
Brochure Thin Film Thermometer [PDF, 120 KB]

Brochure Thermoscale [PDF, 669 KB]
Brochure Fuji Thermoscale [PDF, 1729 KB]
Thermoscale 100 Manual [PDF, 1051 KB]
Thermoscale 200C Manual [PDF, 419 KB]

Brochure UVSCALE [PDF, 642 KB]
UVSCALE Instruction Manual [PDF, 963 KB]

Force Measurement
Brochure Tiedemann Dynamometers [PDF, 2341 KB]

Brochure Müller Charge Amplifier-System MCPA 10 [PDF, 217 KB]
Brochure Multi-Function-Amplifier MFA 1000 [PDF, 882 KB]
Brochure Müller Voltage Amplifier MVA 10 [PDF, 206 KB]

Explosive Testings
Data Sheets [see detailed list]
Catalogue Advanced Testing Instruments for Explosive Materials, Rocket Sciences and Detonation Physics 2023/2024 [PDF, 11.835 KB]

Transient Recorder
Brochure AMOtronics: DAS [PDF, 2478 KB]
Brochure AMOtronics: TIMER [PDF, 2378 KB]
Flyer 8 Channel Fiber isolated Probe (Satellite3M-16-8-F InLine BNC) [PDF, 857 KB]
SATURN The New Generation Transient Recorder (AMO) [PDF, 3451 KB]